Happy 2012 to All, had bought a Nokia 5230 mid 2011 because it was the only quality touch phone I could easily afford that a salesperson told me that there's PYS60 in which should be simple to write very versatile Pythonic Code for my mobile. However... this seems quite the tedious process to type whereas many years ago, there was a Beta Project for computers where all we had to do was select an image... copy it to the canvas... choose from a list what it will do whether be an stationary object, can be controlled by 8 keys to move, can be dragged about, has platform movement, if it will shoot, if it's just an event button, a background, ecetera.

Anyhow... from what I remember, there were several example games each bundled with ideal features and settings... that we can modify to look and play much differently...

A Top View Maze
Crazy Eights vs 4 AI
Crazy Eights vs Online
An Eye Level Maze
A Scrolling Platform
A 360 Shooter
Touchscreen Targeting
Pseudo-3D Racing
Multi-Choice Quiz
Catapult With Physics

For example... modifying Multi-Choice Quiz to a game called "Survey Says" a basic Family Feud clone where all you had to do was touch select from a list of 18 panels each with three alphabets for which the answers had the first letter, the second and third was chosen by me in attempt to somewhat throw off any guesses, although some shared the same answers, for instance... "Top 6... Something Most People Do When They're Sick" : (* what's hidden from plain view)

DCT EXC VMO *(See A Doctor) (Exercise) (Vomit)
WTR SAH CLS *(Drink Water) (Stay Home) (Call In Sick)
NPP WTT SUU *(Nap) (Watch TV) (Have Soup)
MDN CLN RAA *(Take Medicine) (Clean) (Read)
ACL PKK RLA *(Drink Alcohol) (Puke) (Relax)
CLF CRR SWT *(Call Friends) (Cry) (Sweat Prefusely)

1. Nap/Relax
2. Vomit/Puke
3. Take Medicine
4. Have Soup
5. Stay Home/ Call In Sick
6. See A Doctor

The Point System would always be...

1. 16 pts
2. 9 pts
3. 7 pts
4. 5 pts
5. 3 pts
6. 1 pt

... Which all it would take is one wrong answer for the round to end, and there were no opponents, had 10 rounds each session, copied from a 2X3 and 3X6 Custom Button Layout, with a very large grey font of a transparent 5 second timer.