I'm not sure this is the right forum to discuss this issue. If you know a better place, please let me know.

Here is the situation:
Our Symbian (Qt) app is using IAP with our own backend server. Users are allowed to restore (re-install) content based on our own restoration policy. The information whether or not a user is allowed to restore a content item is stored on our backend and referenced by the users Nokia Store account name.

So in order to find out if a user is able to freely restore an item we get the account name via the IAP API. Then we send that account name to our backend server which returns whether or not the item can be restored.

In case it can be restored we download that item bypassing IAP completely, which is no problem. In case it cannot be restored we start the purchase process via the IAP API.

This basically works fine, but the problem is that the user has to enter the Nokia Store password two times in a row.
1) To get the Nokia Store account name [ IAPClient::getUserAndDeviceId() ]
2) To start the purchase process [ IAPClient::purchaseProduct() ]

This is really bad for the user experience. Does anyone know a way around this issue? Am I using the API in a wrong way?

Help would be highly appreciated :)