I am a shareware developer and already have a small shareware ActiveX component which allows developers to access their cellular device to send/receive SMS messages (and edit the phone book). However, I feel it would be beneficial to provide functionality (probably as a separate add-on) to support the Nokia Smart Messaging types of message, but I have some questions regarding the licencing:

(1) Section (2)(iii) seems a bit confusing, is it saying any work based upon the licence could be freely reproduced by Nokia (which seems a bit weird) or that any patents in our own work would have no effect on Nokia's own implementations based on the licenced specifications (which makes sense)

(2) That it really is free - since I'm just a shareware developer, I don't have much money

(3) What happens after 5 years? Must I re-send the agreement again?

(4) Do I just send the two signed copies of the agreement to the address, and that's it? What happens after that (e.g. will I get a postal response?)

Sorry for these possibly daft questions

Colin Munro