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    OutOfMemoryError nativeInitEmptyPixmap

    i want to ask, have any one get "OutOfMemory nativeInitEmptyPixmap" error? what's that error means?
    i have a photo filtering application, when i try in C2 device its work perfect, but, when i try in c3 and x2 device, it's always give that out of memory error... but, the error occur in different situations, sometime when i type photo title, sometime when i go back, sometime when i am filtering photo...

    Can anyone help me?

    Thanks a lot..

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    Re: OutOfMemoryError nativeInitEmptyPixmap

    Hi elisafina1205,

    It is quite possible that a memory allocation for an image operation causes an out of memory error in Series 40, due to the limited available heap space.

    With the exception of C2-00, that has a heap memory size of 1MB, all C2-XX, C3-XX and X2-00 devices have the same heap sizes, i.e. 2MB. So in that sense I would expect the same error you encountered in C3-XX and X2-00 devices, to be thrown also on any C2-XX device. Could it be that you not performing the same operations on the same image (with the same image size)?

    There is not so much that you can do when the heap memory is consumed, only try to avoid loading large images in the heap, or you can use a Content Handler to display the image in the device's native application. More info here:

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