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    Nokia Lumia issues (call drops, skype, tethering, offline navigation)

    Hello everybody,

    since the last time I posted here a question you were all so kind to help I'm disturbing you all again :-)

    1) I'm experiencing, along with other users on the forum I read, a problem of call dropping: sometimes during the call the phone without any battery issue or else just drops the call. I'm using Wind (italian provider) but the same problem happens also with Vodafone Italy, not sure about other providers. Are you aware of this kind of problem somewhere else or is it just an unlucky situation here? Since i'm about to look for my first job I need a phone to rely on with 100% trust...

    2) any news about Skype app release? It's crazy that it's not out yet...I've read somewhere that it should have been released before 2012...

    3) any news about the tethering? I'd love to be able to use my data plan to connect my laptop to the web, is this a feature that is going to be implemented anytime soon? A device of such a price should have it imho.

    4) any news about the offline navigation? when is it going to be released?

    Thanks a lot for your time, have a nice day


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    Re: Nokia Lumia issues (call drops, skype, tethering, offline navigation)

    Try this forum, instead: http://discussions.europe.nokia.com/..._Windows_Phone

    On that site, see also the upper right region of the page, and use the "Contact us" link to report issues to Nokia's customer support; they can escalate product bugs all the way to product development (not sure how long a route it is, if they're Windows Phone problems that Microsoft has to fix, and then propagate back to Nokia; might take an OS version or two = a year or two to get fixed, unless forgotten or always prioritized to the lowest tier of issues to address).

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