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    installing QT 4.7.4 in QT Creator 2.4 in Fremantle Madde sysroot ?

    Is there any developer who can help me install QT 4.7.4 into the Fremantle sysroot of QT Creator 2.4 ?

    Right now I have coding examples for QT Mobility 1.2 and QT Quick 1.1 I love to (re)use on Maemo 5 but due to the old QT version in the QT Creator they can't be 'easily' worked on.

    If possible as a seperately selectable QT version. If not possible then an overwrite of the currently present 4.7.0 version (technically in the 4.6.2 directory) is also fine. I think the CSSU is a must have these days, but that's another discussion, already discussed in another thread

    I did see somethink like this (how to manually upgrade your QT version in QT creator) a long time ago, for an earlier QT version but I didn't save the location (idiot me). I've been searching lots of online sources but to no availability.

    Any help/pointers very welcome.
    Sorry for cross-posting to tmo, just trying all possible sources of info

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    Re: installing QT 4.7.4 in QT Creator 2.4 in Fremantle Madde sysroot ?

    What you need is mad-admin tool.
    It allows you to create a new target or just to add some deb package to your current target.
    If you run linux, mad-admin is located here MY_QT_SDK_DIR/Madde/bin.
    If you have windows then you have to launch the madde-terminal.

    You can read more about it at:

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