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    Question about DPI in DisplayInfo component

    I am trying to convert pixel sizes to physical sizes using QtMobility.systeminfo version 1.2. Assuming DPI really means PPI, this may be done using DisplayInfo.dpiHeight and DisplayInfo.dpiWidth but I cant get it to work.

    On N950, both are 96 DPI. This would mean that the N950 screen is 9x5 inches large (i.e. 854 / 96 x 480 / 96) which is obviously wrong. So my question is: am I interpreting the whole DPI thing incorrectly or have I encountered a bug in QtMobility.systeminfo?

    Thank you in advance, Tubeman
    (which is by the way not about drugs, but a combination of Caveman and tube [i.e. the Internet] )
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