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    Unhappy Carbide UI S40 Theme Edition 6 problems.

    When i apply media player skin, Equalizer skin and FM radio skin, they are not actually used when we create package!!!?

    Also when we click on browse, it won't open folder which we have used for applying skins.

    Please update immediately.

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    Re: Carbide UI S40 Theme Edition 6 problems.

    Yes, the music player, the radio and the equalizer are completely unthemable at this point, which is very unfortunate.
    The unauthorized implemenatiton of leaked .nfl skins doesn't actually work in S40v6, I get and accept that.... (Not really, I hope there will be a solution soon. I don't understand why Nokia wouldn't make them open source in the first place?!).....
    But! It's unacceptable that we can't even change the background in the 3 apps. I mean, these backgrounds can be switched in Carbide.ui but they don't produce any actual change in the theme, when I use/test it on the phone. I have a Nokia C2-01, if matters.

    Please fix this, Nokia! In the meantime, if someone can provide some help with the described issues, please do.

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