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    Post Streaming RealMedia file is not working with BELLE .

    Hello ,
    I have built a widget radio with some European radio channels . It is working for all Symbian^1 and S^3 +Anna devises LIke 5800 XM ...N8 or C7 Anna , but on my New Nokia 701 , the streaming is not Working . The audio app open and crash !
    When i put the same file ( .ram ) in the masse mémory , it is working fine and it is opened the Video app....
    I dont see the Classic RealMedia Player in the 701 .
    Is it a plugin problem in the new Internet Browser 7.4 ?? BELLE don't like the shootcast link ??

    if you have a BELLE devise try this short URL : it is a French Radio BFM :
    ( http://perso.numericable.fr/marthube/TV/RADRAM/BFM.ram )

    and try the file in your masse memory .

    My Nokia 701 have the first FirmWare .

    Thanks for your help .
    PS : My widget is on the Nokia Store since some days .

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    Re: Streaming RealMedia file is not working with BELLE .


    At this point I can only confirm your findings.
    Opening that .ram file in browser launches Music player, but it is immediately closed after "File is corrupted. Operation canceled." error.
    However if the file that .ram points to (http://vipicecast.yacast.net/bfm) is opened in browser, Music Player start to play it without errors.
    -> likely a bug in Music player

    I tried to open .ram from mass memory as well and indeed in that case video player opens and plays the stream.

    I will make a bug report about this issue. Unfortunately I don't have any solution to offer for now.


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    Re: Streaming RealMedia file is not working with BELLE .

    Thanks very much ; Your reply is very quick !
    I think it is défault internet browser issue .
    I build an other widget version for BELLE ...
    Belle is not very Beautifull .There are also many compatibility problem with the Qt 4.7.4 Apps .
    Sorry for my poor English .
    OEIL , For MobilSym from France .

    The widget on Nokia Store : http://store.ovi.com/content/243901
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