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    Got N950 through Qt SDK feedback survey and it broke. What next?

    I got the phone last year through a Nokia-arranged lottery for answering one of their surveys about QT and not through some developer program like most people. I've had absolutely no problems with it and have been using it as my primary/only phone ever since. A little less than two weeks ago out of the blue it broke. I was checking the time at one moment and half an hour later when I pulled it from my pocket to play some music the backlight just flickered a bit and it didn't show any picture. At first I thought it was due to cold but it was only -2C outside and the phone was kept in warm at all times.

    After investigating things later on I saw that everything worked perfectly except for backlight and image showing. Next morning I was woken up by the alarm and after remembering where on screen the buttons were I was able to turn it off. Later on when plugging it to TV I also saw it worked just fine and I was able to make a backup of all the data on it. So basically as I said everything except backlight and image was working.

    I've asked local Nokia support centre and they told me they don't have parts for it and as they can't order them either they can't help me. I also e-mailed the person that sent me the phone but as he is a product manager and don't really deal with this kind of things he couldn't help me and suggested to ask from here instead.

    So here I am
    Is there any hope I could get the phone repaired or replaced? Who should I contact about it?

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    Re: Got N950 through Qt SDK feedback survey and it broke. What next?

    Hi Kalle,
    I'm trying to contact a person who can help you although I believe it will be hard to have it fixed/replaced.

    UPDATE: Can you please send me a private message with your real name and email? Thanks
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