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    Qt Mobility - Save Contact to phonebook with custom details


    I want to save contact into phonebook with some custom detail.

    Q: It is possible that this detail is visible when navigate to device phonebook and see that custom detail?

    I extend QContactDetail and save this detail into QContact

    MyCustomDetail myDetail = contact.detail( MyCustomDetail ::DefinitionName );
    myDetail.setCustomDetail("Custom Detail");
    contact.saveDetail(&myDetail) ;
    But i don't see custom detail on phonebook.

    Any hints, examples?

    Many thanks for help

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    Re: Qt Mobility - Save Contact to phonebook with custom details


    I found some example. QContactDetailDefinition should be saved into QContactManager.

    code snippet
    QContactDetailDefinition customDef;
    QContactDetailFieldDefinition customField;
    customField.setDataType( QVariant::String );
    customDef.insertField(CustomDetail::FieldcustomField, customField);
    Note: My QContactManager is created : QContactManager* cm = new QContactManager("symbian");

    ISSUE: I'm getting error ( manager->saveDetailDefinition(customDef) )
    QContactManager::NotSupportedError - 9 ( The most recent operation failed because the requested operation is not supported in the specified store )

    Anyone know if is even possible to add custom fields on Symbian^3

    My device is C7 - Anna

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