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    Browser Information


    I was wondering if there is a technical document about the features and support for the N9's browser. We are looking into testing our latest builds on the device, but if it has all the necessary requirements, Javascript for example, then it would determine if we need a device for testing.
    Although the usage of these phones is lower than other OS's, we still look at supporting as many people as we can, webOS and Windows 6.5 for example. If there are any anomalies or holes in the support for the N9's browser, it would be appreciated for information about them.


    David Blooman
    BBC News

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    Re: Browser Information

    If you want to test your stuff on an N9, you can do so through RDA: http://www.developer.nokia.com/Devic...device_access/

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    Re: Browser Information

    Hi David,

    Nokia Browse 8.5 related documentation is available here:


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    Re: Browser Information

    I'm not sure if you needed to do any work on this, but I read BBC News on my N9 every morning, and it works perfectly well.

    Unfortunately, the animations aren't very smooth (I think the N9 browser lacks graphics acceleration), but overall it's pleasant to use.

    Any chance you could get the iPlayer team to support the phone? :-)

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