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    Thumbs up Where can i get inapp purchase 1.0 api for C3 n E5 devices.

    Now I am trying to add inapp purchse to existing app but I am getting lot of issues with this
    one.When i am running that app on device getting


    actually c3 n E5 dont have this inapp purchase 1.0 api, where can i get that jar file...

    how can i solve this issue ...can anyone help me to resolve this one.

    Thanks in advace.

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    Re: Where can i get inapp purchase 1.0 api for C3 n E5 devices.

    The new sticky post in this board points to the FAQ, http://support.publish.nokia.com/?cat=6&topic=57
    There you can read
    Which devices support In-App Purchase?
    There are two different In-App Purchase solutions for Nokia devices:
    • Qt IAP or Native Symbian IAP for Symbian^3 and newer devices
    • Java IAP for S40 Asha series (i.e., Asha 303, 302, 201) and newer devices.
    Note: Old devices, such as S60, do not and will not support the IAP feature.
    While it was just a guess in one of your earlier threads, now it is 'official'.

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