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    Question How to open Ovi Store application from Qt?

    I think in the past I was successful with

    with SwEvent capability for the application.
    The experience was not stellar, resulting in the browser launching, which would in turn do some kind of redirect and run the Ovi Store client.

    But now it does not seem to work for me any more, I get "Welcome to the Nokia Store .... Nokia Store application is being launched ..." and it stays there.

    Humble as always, it seems to anticipate failure as it says also "Nokia Store didn't launch? Click "Launch" below. Well, clicking Launch does nothing, except toggle the button between green/grey.

    Strange enough, if I go to URL bar in the browser that is now opened and manually remove default/index/clientsplash/ that was added there automatically, then the Ovi Store client opens.

    This is with C7 running Anna, but RDA 701 Belle gave the same result.
    App compiled for Qt 4.7.3 Symbian3

    Ideally I'd like to just launch the Ovi Store application direct, without going through browser. Is that possible? And no, I don't want to have in-app purchase, I want to open a completely different application in Ovi Store.

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    Re: How to open Ovi Store application from Qt?

    I don't think it's possible for 3rd party apps. Make 5-7 google searches and if you don't find anything, don't waste your time to this problem.

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    Re: How to open Ovi Store application from Qt?

    QDesktopServices:: openUrl() works for me as expected - N8 Anna / 025.007 / store client v3.18.036. This sounds like there could be some transient problems in the store itself. In other words, that should work, any problems can and need to be addressed server-side, I believe.

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