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    Launch browser on Symbian^3

    Hello, I want to point the browser to my site. When the browser is started everything is ok, but when it is not on Symbian^3 device the browser launches and closes 2 seconds after that. On devices before that everything works fine. What to should I do?

    I use the following standard code in case the browser is not started
    HBufC16* param = HBufC16::NewLC( aUrl.Length() + 2);
    param->Des().Append(_L(“4 “));
    RApaLsSession appArcSession;
    TThreadId id;
    appArcSession.StartDocument( *param, TUid::Uid( KBrowserUid), id );

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    Re: Launch browser on Symbian^3

    does it happens with other websites also? let say if you try opening google.com, then?

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    Re: Launch browser on Symbian^3

    I changed the Access Point setting from the browser to 'Ask when needed' and the problem disappeared, then I selected the old value - but still I could not repeat the problem
    It seems like a bug on the browser, when I format the phone I will try again to spot it.
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