Hello, I've Sony Felica RC-S965 NFC card but so far I haven't been able to format the card so that the NDEF Message on the tag would work together with NFC phones as the same NDEF Message works on other NFC tag types. So my question is how to format the Sony Felica card so that it would work the same way as NDEF data on other NFC tag types?

So far I've been able to encode the tag so that I'm able to select system code 12FCh after I changed the memory configuration code's system option from 00h to 01h (Block 88h, Byte 3). But when I try to encode the NDEF Message on the tag its not regonized by NFC phones. (I'm able to use the card via Java MIDlet Type3TagConnection but haven't been able to encode the NDEF data correctly on the tag..)

Any help?

Same problem in here: http://www.libnfc.org/community/post/2930/#p2930