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    Lightbulb Porting the classic Nokia games/apps to Windows Phone

    When Nokia released their first phone they had a game called Snake.
    Every Nokia phone had Snake either I,II,III or EX2.
    When the first Nokia Smartphone was released they forgot to give it the Snake game.
    The last version is Snake III.
    I tried to port it to Android.
    It worked until i pressed the start button and the loading snake is showing.
    But now its Windows Phone we are talking about, and I miss many of the classic apps from Nokia.

    Here is the list:
    Snake III
    Soccer 3D
    Golf tour
    Snake EX2
    Club Pinball
    Snake II (classic one)

    Everyone of these apps and many more I want to try to port to Windows Phone.
    I have sent email to Nokia so they know about it if they just read the mail from me.
    Maybe there is other people that want to have one or more of these apps on their new phone.

    But I doesn't want to do it alone, so if someone is interested I will start a group called alexstrand7-classic-nokia4windows-phone so we can start a team and if I find the files someone can try to convert it and then I send mail to Nokia with the files so they can preinstall them on new phones.

    Someone's interested?
    I will use skydrive on windows live to host the original files we need to port.
    When someone are finished with an app please send mail to me an I will upload it in a folder I will call finished and I will delete the original from skydrive.
    When the folder with original files are empty I will find some more we can do after the original Nokia files is ported.

    If someone already ports some of these apps please let me know.

    Alexander Strand

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    Re: Porting the classic Nokia games/apps to Windows Phone

    Hi, you should check Community/Projects above, that is exactly the place designed for hosting these kind of initiatives (it provides area for files, documentation, Wiki, etc.)

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    Re: Porting the classic Nokia games/apps to Windows Phone

    The FFWD framework allows porting games to windows phone. You can also port all types of Nokia classic games.

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