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    I couldn't find some icons in Cardibe.UI Symbian

    I completed test my theme and i couldn't find 3 icons in Cardibe.UI Symbian. I used Symbian Anna platform on cardibe.ui and C6-01 on RDA (remote device access)

    In Cardibe.UI:
    Icons/Application Icons : "Music" and "Music Player"
    Applications / Music Player: "Non Branded Media Player"
    already modified, but on remote device "Music" icon on the main menu appears as default. And i couldn't find any other music icon on cardibe.ui.
    Also i couldn't locate "Here and Now" and "World Traveler" icons on Cardibe.UI Symbian, but they are on remote device. Do i do anything wrong?

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    Re: I couldn't find some icons in Cardibe.UI Symbian

    Basically not all 3rd party applications icons are defined there, and if they are not, the original icons of the apps are used instead. if you want to change these icons you need to add them with the application UID.

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