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    Wink Position of the cell

    Hello, some of you know how to make an application made ​​in Qt Creator 4.7.4 can be adapted if the cell is a vertical or horizontal?
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    Re: Position of the cell

    There is QtLocation API that gives you actual position already, thus why would you want to use Cell ID for positioning. Basically there is no API in SDK that would be usefull for that purpose.

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    Re: Position of the cell

    Looks to me original question was not clear, anyway have you checked the positioning method enum value in documentation?
    Basically by using this you could control positioning source in two different ways.

    enum QGeoPositionInfoSource::PositioningMethod
    flags QGeoPositionInfoSource::PositioningMethodsDefines the types of positioning methods.

    Constant Value Description
    QGeoPositionInfoSource::SatellitePositioningMethods 0x000000ff Satellite-based positioning methods such as GPS.
    QGeoPositionInfoSource::NonSatellitePositioningMethods 0xffffff00 Other positioning methods.
    QGeoPositionInfoSource::AllPositioningMethods 0xffffffff A flag that matches all positioning methods.

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