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    Qt SDK 1.2 released

    Qt SDK 1.2 has been released. This new version includes:
    • Qt Creator 2.4.1: offering improvements in the C++ and QML editors, such as syntax highlighting in QML, and improved static QML code checking features.
    • Symbian target updates:
      • Updated Nokia AnalyzeTool plug-in to take full advantage of Qt Creator 2.4.
      • Added CODA 1.0.6 (on-device debugging) agent.
    • Updated MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan target.
    • Over 20 new Qt Mobility examples, which are now easily assessable from the Qt Creator welcome page.

    In addition to which, desktop developers also get the first release of Qt 4.8.0.
    You can install the new version using the Update Qt SDK utility in your current installation of Qt SDK or download the installers from here.
    For more information, please visit the Nokia Developer Qt page or the Qt Labs blog.

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    Re: Qt SDK 1.2 released

    Despite the fact I've seen that there are some improvements on the IDE and also onto the functionalities which has been exposed from the IDE, I choose to uninstall the last version of QT Creator to go back to the version 4.7.3 because the newer version doesn't allow me to work with Symbian 1^, this is a pitty!

    I've also received an error during the installation. See my previous post here.

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    Re: Qt SDK 1.2 released

    gRicky, the offline installer is huge already, so we can't include all targets in the package. But you can still install the Symbian^1 Qt 4.7.3-based target either using the online version of the installer or using the SDK Maintenance tool after installing the SDK with the offline installer.
    -- Lucian

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