I have developed an application with free and paid versions. When exiting the free version, a nag screen is displayed with a web link to purchase the main application. Clicking link takes the user to an URL in my website and the original idea was to simply redirect the user to the Nokia Store content page. This would then display the content details, and possibly launch the Nokia Store application.

This works fine on N8, Nokia Store is automatically launched and the paid application info is displayed. However, on N97, the Nokia Store application does not open. The content web page is displayed, but an error message is shown:

"Sorry, this item is not available in your language. Browse more content in "Related" section below."

The language distribution of the content item is set to "Works on all languages" and it can be purchased from the same ip address via the Nokia Store application. On further checking, I noticed that only free content can be viewed in the web browser, so it seems that an incorrect error message is displayed for paid applications. Is this a known issue and are there plans to make the error message more accurate?

Has anyone else experienced the issue of Nokia Store application not launching? Is there any trick to make sure it is launched on all devices where available, when getting to content page? Clicking links in the content page (application category etc) correctly open the Store application on N97 too, so the application _can_ be launched, it just doesn't work automatically on the content page.

In some earlier discusions it was said that store.ovi.mobi/content/id would work better than store.ovi.com/content/id, but on the N97 neither of them launches the Nokia Store application.

Problematic device:
N97 SW version: 22.0.110.C01.01, language set: 22
Browser version: BrowserNG/7.1.4