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    Lost transparency - what have I done wrong?

    Hi there, I'm using Carbide.ui 3.4 and a S60 5th theme. I have a theme that I've managed to change the Signal/Battery Strength images with no problem (screens 1&2). But there are other elements I would like to change. I want to change, for example, the text colour of the Battery Icon or Signal Icon/Packet Data Indications. But as soon as I do (screen 3) I lose transparency (screen 4). The method I'm using to change the colour is to hover over the icon and select a new colour from the popup window. Is the method incorrect or should I be doing something else? Thanks for any help.

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    Re: Lost transparency - what have I done wrong?

    Well .I'm using carbide ui 4.3.Don't know what in 3.4 But you have to change colours in main pane.
    Resource path - Colours/main pane
    And change screen dimming colour.
    set fade black map as - black colour
    set fade white map as - white colour
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    Re: Lost transparency - what have I done wrong?

    Hey i want some help as i want to get transparency like image 2 pasted above but i cant! When i create a theme it's like image 4 whith blue background and no transparency please help me.

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