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    CSS for mobile devices

    Hello, I understand that there is a "user agent" parameter coming from the request that will show the type of browser/device requesting content. However, how is it determined what CSS to use/return? Is there simply some logic included on the server side(servlets/jsps in my case) that needs to do this?

    Here are the steps that I am refering to. It's step 4 that I am trying to implement. Are there any examples somewhere? Thanks, Gerry

    1. Browser fetches the first page of the application
    2. Server returns the content page (includes a "link rel" tag to style sheet)
    3. Browser fetches the style sheet. A "User Agent" tag is included in the request header
    4. Server returns the appropriate style sheet for the browser type and the style sheet is cached in the browser so all subsequent pages are rendered immediately
    5. Browser fetches subsequent pages

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    you should create example a servlet which select the appropriate style sheet for your device depending the user agent header.

    WAP/Browsing documentation has a example: Mobile Zoo Virtual Tour Guide, where has used Java Servlet to choose the correct style sheet.


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    zoo example


    can explain to me!! how virtual zoo example is working?

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