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    QML RadioButton anyone?

    The implementation somehow looks incomplete in Harmattan.
    There is no group that I can attach it to. I was hoping that it would implicitly form a radiobutton group out of siblings, but no such luck, I can check multiple buttons.

    While I'm at it, SelectionDialog also did nothing for me, at least when using a dark theme, no choices were visible.

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    Re: QML RadioButton anyone?


    To group radio buttons please use QML ButtonColumn element.


    ButtonColumn {
    RadioButton { text: "Top" }
    RadioButton { text: "Bottom" }

    The above is just a sample and works fine in N9, you can add other properties you might need.

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    Re: QML RadioButton anyone?

    Thank you for the tip, I was also loocking for that.
    Sadly http://harmattan-dev.nokia.com/docs/...diobutton.html is complettely missleading to a not implemented RadioGroup.
    I found examples of that for MeeGo, but they seem not to work with the Harmattan QML

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    Re: QML RadioButton anyone?

    Hi CaCO3,

    Yes i see this line too mentioning to use radiogroup, you can raise a bug for the documentation at https://harmattan-bugs.nokia.com/

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