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    Capability about Dial Function

    hey guys:
    now i am working in a Dial function in V3(E63), using the follow code, but it's hard to find the relate Capability for it,can anybody tell me how to fix.

    i've try to use all the 13 capabilities in Developer key,but i still show erro.

    void Util::CallNum(const TDesC& aPhoneNumber)
    	_LIT (KTsyName,"phonetsy.tsy");
        //Create a connection to the tel server
        RTelServer server;
        //Load in the phone device driver
           //Find the number of phones available from the tel server
        TInt numberPhones;
        //Check there are available phones
        if (numberPhones < 1)
        //Get info about the first available phone
        RTelServer::TPhoneInfo info;
        User::LeaveIfError(server.GetPhoneInfo(0, info));
        //Use this info to open a connection to the phone, the phone is identified by its name
        RPhone phone;
        User::LeaveIfError(phone.Open(server, info.iName));
        //Get info about the first line from the phone
        RPhone::TLineInfo lineInfo;
        User::LeaveIfError(phone.GetLineInfo(0, lineInfo));
        //Use this to open a line
        RLine line;
        User::LeaveIfError(line.Open(phone, lineInfo.iName));
        //Open a new call on this line
        TBuf <100> newCallName;
        RCall call;
        User::LeaveIfError(call.OpenNewCall(line, newCallName));
        //newCallName will now contain the name of the call
        //Close the phone, line and call connections and remove them from the cleanup stack
        //NOTE: This does not hang up the call
        CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy(3);//phone, line, call
        //Unload the phone device driver
        //Close the connection to the tel server and remove it from the cleanup stack

    the capability i use is :

    CAPABILITY LocalServices Location NetworkServices PowerMgmt ProtServ ReadDeviceData ReadUserData SurroundingsDD SwEvent TrustedUI UserEnvironment WriteDeviceData WriteUserData

    thx for any feedback.

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    Re: Capability about Dial Function

    And the error shown is?

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    Re: Capability about Dial Function

    A few of the 'R' classes related to telephony require capability NetworkControl. That might be a problem here. Anycase, if dialing a number programmatically is what you're interested in, you can try out CTelephony for 3rd edition onwards. It would we simpler to use. Here is a sample

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