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    Questions about Java signing


    We have several questions about the Java signing process in order to publish
    our Java application on Nokia Store

    Our app is a Messenger (IM,Mail,Twitter,Bluetooth)

    . In the Application declaration document:

    . We can't provide the fields SMSs and URLs of HTTP Connections in the
    Application declaration document
    because this is the end-user who decides the end point of these

    . We can't provide the fields "data used or created by application"
    .End-user can decide to record photo,text,etc .. in RMS
    or in the native file system

    . Our app contains more than 50 differents screens. It's impossible for us
    to send you a flow diagram of the application in a image
    Is there an alternative to the flow diagram ?

    . Despite we have tested the unsigned-app on many devices , we want to
    re-test the signed app before publishing on the store.
    So, what is the chronology of the publishing process ?:

    We send Nokia the unsigned jar/jad , Nokia signs the app and Nokia
    publishes the app on the store
    We send Nokia the unsigned jar/jad , Nokia returns to us the certificate
    , we signs the app and we publish the app on the store ?


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    Re: Questions about Java signing

    The last one is documented in Distribute above, "Packaging and signing" (https://www.developer.nokia.com/Dist..._signing.xhtml), the basic rule is Nokia offers signing for its own Store only, so it signs the application and puts it in the Store, you will not get access to the signed package.

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    Re: Questions about Java signing

    Ok . Thanks for your explanation. It s now clear for us.
    But the other points ?

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