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    How to get UTC offset for New York? TLocale?

    Hello, All,

    Does anyone know, if it is possible to get programmatically New York's UTC (GMT) offset? (it should be -04:00 on summer, and -05:00 on winter). Assuming that timezone set on device is not the "New York", it may be different. But the time is always correct for selected time zone?
    What is the best and right way to do this? Per my investigation, TLocale may help but I don't understand how to do this correctly.

    Thanks a lot in advance,

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    Re: How to get UTC offset for New York? TLocale?

    have you tried simply using TTime, and checking the difference between HomeTime and UniversalTime already ?

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    Re: How to get UTC offset for New York? TLocale?

    There is an API set for managing time zones, check RTz, CTzConverter and of course any other interesting class you find when searching for these.

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