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    Nokia/Microsoft partnership - academic research interview


    I'm conducting an on-line interview in support for an academic paper that I'm writing for my MBA. The paper addresses "Resistance to Change" in the context of the Nokia/Microsoft partnership decision. The interview doesn't exclusively target (ex)Nokia employees, but also customers, partners, etc. who may want to express an opinion on the subject.

    The link is:


    There are a total of 10 questions which should take no more than 5-10 minutes to complete. I'd appreciate it if you agree to participate.


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    Re: Nokia/Microsoft partnership - academic research interview

    Hi there, Daniel

    Thank you for sharing the questionnaire. I am hoping it will help you in completing your MBA studides.

    However, I would like to request you to update your questionnaire with a end date here, to help maintaining the discussion board.

    Please add the expected end date for this questionnaire, thank you.

    Best Regards,
    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Blue"][/COLOR][I]Marko Lumivuori
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    Re: Nokia/Microsoft partnership - academic research interview

    It seems to be closed already..

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