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    Unhappy SVG not rendering correctly


    Our designer has created SVGs which are working perfectly on 3rd FP2. However, bigger sized SVGs for 5th Ed. are not rendering correctly. They have thick diagonal lines, black edges and other distortions. We have tried creating several images from Inkscape, Illustrator and other packages. We have also tried using the 3rd FP2 images for the 5th Ed but they are also getting distorted the same way. The images are distorted even on the 5th Ed. device.

    Please help!

    Thank You

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    Re: SVG not rendering correctly

    firstly make sure you are using SVG-T format (or use teh SVG2SVGT converter), then do check that you do set the size for images before drawing them, I have seen some really nasty effects on images with masks that are scaled in drawing, thus better to do it beforehand.

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    Re: SVG not rendering correctly

    my svg shadows are the culprit. Since I don't have much time, I am now using images without shadows...would greatly appreciate any fixes for svg with shadows

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