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Thread: Welcome and FAQ

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    Welcome and FAQ

    Welcome to Map Image API for HTTP

    Use this forum for discussion of the Map Image API for HTTP. While official support for this API can be found on StackOverflow, you can still ask questions about how to use it from this community. StackOverflow is great for Q&A but if you want a free flowing discussion then this forum is better. Questions will be answered in both places. Please understand the etiquette and rules before posting as listed in the FORUM FAQ

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    Re: Welcome to Map Image API for HTTP

    Q: What is the Map Image API?

    Map Image API is a REST API that provides easy and fast access to pre-rendered map images for all regions of the world. You can use this service to display a given geographical position, points of interest, routes, turning points and junction views. The necessary data such as position, radius, zoom level, map type etc. are specified by parameters as part of simple URL requests. The created URL containing these data can be shared via SMS. It is also possible to embed the resulting map images
    into your own applications.

    Q: Where can I find examples of the API in action?

    Each Map Image API request is a URL of the format:


    Examples of the use of the API can be found under the 'Getting Started' , 'Maps' and 'Markers' sections of the API explorer at:
    http://developer.here.com/javascript_api_explorer/, click on Switch to the REST API explorer on the top right of the page to obtain REST API examples

    Examples of the use of the API within actual applications can be found at:

    Q: Where do I get an app_id and token?

    1. Open the HERE Developer Site - http://developer.here.com/ and in the top-right corner click Sign in, then pick one option:
      • Log in with your HERE account credentials – you may need to create an account first.
      • Log in with your Facebook account credentials.
    2. Open My Apps, click Create App and follow the on-screen instructions.

    see : http://www.developer.nokia.com/Commu...ppID_and_Token

    Q: How do I generate an new app_id and token.

    1) Log in to http://developer.here.com/
    2) Click on NEW APP.
    3) Once an app_id and token pair is generated, click on the name of your app to see the details, you should see something like:

    App ID: zqq7NvxXXXXXXX6zgAE
    Token: UFgJ8GuXXXXXXXXlkizjrD%3F%2D

    The token is the longer string of the two, the app_id is the shorter string do not use the name of the app. You should generate a new app id for each application you create.

    Q: Where is the reference documentation for this API

    The explanation of the various URL parameters and examples of use can be found at:

    Q: What is the relationship between the Map Image API, maps.nokia.com and m.maps.nokia.com

    The Map Image API uses the URL m.nok.it - it is designed to produce simple static map images, however it is intelligent enough to pass on requests to other more sophisticated services with a better user experience, if the client making the request is deemed capable of dealing with it.

    • If the client is recognized as HTML5 capable and there is no "nord" and no POIs, the client will be redirected to a non-static service
    • If the client is not recognized as mobile and there is no "nord" and no POIs, the client will be redirected to a non-static service
    • You will always get a static image if you include the nord (no redirect parameter).

    Q: How do you retrieve a map covering a specific area?

    Add two points of interest to the map for the top right and bottom left corner and then use the nomrk to make the POIs invisible.
    http://m.nok.it /?poi=52.5338,13.2966,52.518728,13.279667&nomrk
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