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Thread: Help with WRT

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    Help with WRT

    Greetings, I'm working with inner-active SDK in my WRT application, and I have a question, that maybe here can help me.

    I'm using <a href="#" id="toggle1">News</a> in a Menu, and when I give click on it, this shows me de Splash Ad from inner-active normally, I would like to know if is possible that when the time of the splash ad goes to cero or when I give click in Skip, this route to another html page, in this case to "News.html".

    Thanks a lot for your help, have a nice day!

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    Re: Help with WRT

    Hi and welcome to forum!

    In WRT widgets it is recommend to use only one html page and then use CSS / JavaScript to toggle element visibility within that page.

    Whay you can do, is show an ad and start a timer / wait for clicking "Skip". When skip is clicked or timer completes, hide the ad and toggle <div id="news">
    visibility using document.getElementById("news").style.display ="block";


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    Re: Help with WRT

    because the splash Ad is from inneractive API... and probably if you want to behave different you have to ask them how is possible (maybe is some API methods/functions)

    I use Server API of inneractive and put the ad whatever I want (in a splash, or banner in fixed position in the app); with serverAPI you also need a hosting...

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