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    Trying to get in touch with someone about purchasing Premier map api services

    I've emailed locationapi@nokia.com (and also reached out to the Nokia corporate number) trying to get more information about the "Premier" Location API services (referenced here: http://www.developer.nokia.com/Develop/Maps/Quota/), but I haven't gotten any response. Does the premier offering actually exist, or is this just a free service? While I think our transaction volume might fall within the limits of the free "Standard" offering, we would want to opt out of advertising, and therefore are willing to pay for the premium service.

    If someone from Nokia is monitoring this strand, can you please send me a message? Our company is very interested in using your product, but want to understand the pricing scheme.


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    Re: Trying to get in touch with someone about purchasing Premier map api services

    Just a quick reply to say I have notified the team responsible and they will be getting in contact shortly. locationapi@nokia.com is the correct eMail to contact for this.

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