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Thread: Image in List .

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    Smile Image in List .

    Hi all
    My requirement I need to develop a screen which contains image first and then list of strings.
    (not like icon)
    The image should be on the top with full screen width followed by lists, by selection one of which i have to navigate to next screen.

    Please help me.
    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Image in List .

    Hi ayyanar7,

    You could always use a Canvas and draw the Image on top of the screen and implement your own list/menu below it.

    Here are couple of wiki examples how to build a list/menu to a Canvas

    And from here you can find other Java ME UI related articles


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    Re: Image in List .

    Or you can use a high level Form and append the image and the list of Strings as CustomItems. An example of how you can create a CustomItem can be found here. You can interact with a CustomItem by using both ItemCommandListener and the PointerPressed method for Touch UIs. For Touch&Type Series 40 devices, you might want to consider enabling the direct touch trait.

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