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    Question locking Screen Rotation on Belle with Nokia SDK 1.2


    I've started with a Qt Mobility Widget project template.

    There's some code regarding screen orientation predefined.

    MainWindow::MainWindow(QWidget *parent)
        : QMainWindow(parent), ui(new Ui::MainWindow)
    lock screen rotation?

    With locked screen rotation I do not want the phone to do any screen pixel rotation by itself when the phone is rotated.

    Target: Symbian Belle, C7-00.
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    Re: locking Screen Rotation on Belle with Nokia SDK 1.2

    If you want the automatic rotation:

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    Re: locking Screen Rotation on Belle with Nokia SDK 1.2

    On your main QWidget or QMainWindow or QGraphicsView call function

    setAttribute(Qt::WA_LockPortraitOrientation, true);

    This is for locking orientation to portrait, works same as the one posted in #1
    also similar to appUi->SetOrientationL( CAknAppUi::EAppUiOrientationPortrait); (if you want to use symbian)

    With all the above options, the screen is locked to portrait and the rotation of phone does not effect the UI.
    similarly for landscape in QT app you can use -

    setOrientation(ScreenOrientationLockLandscape) (or)


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    Re: locking Screen Rotation on Belle with Nokia SDK 1.2

    Thank yous. setOrientation(ScreenOrientationLockPortrait); or one of their alternatives mentioned by kusumk are what I was looking for.

    Edit: in fact this is set in main.cpp already. Thus changing the argument appropriately there should suffice.
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