Is there an official archive or Carbide.UI plug-ins? E.g. how would one be able to roll back the plug-ins for S^3 for instance?

It seems like the S^3 1.3 plug-in has less capabilities in some areas (icon skinning), these areas are critical in terms of delivering a consistent set of themes. Thus with the current scenario our themes that were developed 3 months ago will be "superior" to the themes we can publish with the latest set of tools.

Why this matters / how it impacts on our deliverables for contracts/clients:
We are mid-way through developing and launching series of themes to be released 12 months, we have already launched 3 with another 4 to go. With latest ones our consumers will find it hard to believe that the latest software would have less functionality and common icons like maps / dictionary / software update / search / my nokia / msg reader are now no longer skinnable, especially if they are being skinned properly in the existing versions. They judge these themes as "inferior", so our only recourse is to "roll-back" our Carbide.UI dev environment to what it was about 3 months ago... has anyone done this?