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    offline map, is it possible?

    Hi, I want to use the map to see where I am.

    This app should also work if there are no connection to the internet, no wifi and no 3g.

    On my app, if I ask for connectivity modes:

    QList<ConnectivityMode> list = this->supportedConnectivityModes();

    I get always the same mode: 2.

    I have an ID and a token, but it seem that I am not able to get the offline data.

    What should I write, to get the offline map?

    Thanks, Tiger54
    I discovered Qt in the summer 2010, it was sooo easy and nice to use, that I begun to write some apps.
    Thank you Nokia, for giving me this possibility!

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    Re: offline map, is it possible?

    current APIs are not including any support for offline maps.

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