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    Boosting startup

    Hi for all! My application slowly starts ... Application with QML + Qt, I read all perfomance tips from afficial documentation, but minimal startup time is 3 sec. How I can make start like Contacts app and other?

    I found that It's named prestart mode, but boosting with this mode available only for meegotouch applications ... System apps have --type=m and -prestart mode, and X-Maemo-Service, but I didn't find how I can make this applications with logic in service daemon with qml.

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    Re: Boosting startup

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    Re: Boosting startup


    Have you checked this link -


    Optimising application startup

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    Re: Boosting startup

    By default QML booster is enabled on Harmattan templates.
    To make it startup faster usually using Loaders in the root element is enough.

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