I'm trying to let compile a Qt project with Symbian C++ code.

I added
#include <apgcli.h> // for RApaLsSession
#include <apacmdln.h> // for CApaCommandLine
to my source code

and modified the .pro file with
LIBS += apgrfx.lib \
(is this done right?)

but it doesn't compile because the header files cannot be found. In fact, they aren't on disk on Mac OS X.

http://www.developer.nokia.com/Commu..._in_the_Qt_SDK is rather too concise.
I would guess apgcli.h is included in the Nokia SDK 1.2 because RApaLsSession seems important.

I reread above linked article and am now trying to copy the headers from the Symbian C++ SDK.

If you know another solution, it is welcomed.