Dear Nokia,

I am experiencing issues with the Nokia Store for N9/N950 as it seems that nobody(?) is getting the updates for free even when they have bought and paid that application earlier.

Is it really so that _all_ downloads costs money, even when those has been marked as patch updates by the publisher?

So as a publisher I want to provide high quality software, but from time to time I need to do small iterations on software updates to ensure that I do not introduce major issues with huge patches. And I read one comment from that it might be that the downloads for the end user is limited to 5 times. Could it really be like that, that if I release five (0.0.x) bug fixes, then the end user needs to repay the application? As this does not seem right at all from end user or from the publisher point of view. So it feels like that currently the end-users are getting ripped-off by the publishers and publishers by the nokia store process or the Nokia Store Client for N9.

How I have understood the whole thing is that you as a publisher are able to release free updates for the end-users:

"To submit a free update for your application:
Upload a new Debian package of your content with an increased version number.
The new version is available free of charge through Nokia Store for those who
have already purchased the application."

Source: - Publishing your application to Nokia Store

I have also raised a bug related to this issue @

And this topic has been discussed partially @

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Juhapekka Piiroinen