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    Using IAP to sell themes and ringtones

    Is possible to develop a Qt application using IAP to sell themes? and ringtones?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Using IAP to sell themes and ringtones

    There are strict rules about distributing media content via the Store: http://www.developer.nokia.com/Commu...lpapers-on-OVI
    Technically it is possible to create such application, practically it shall not manage getting to the Store.
    A somewhat 'gray' thing I could imagine getting approval is a game offering its own media material (music and background perhaps).

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    Re: Using IAP to sell themes and ringtones


    According to IAP guide you can sell themes and ringtones. There only one small problem --- product items you declare in OVI Publisher console shall clear describe what it is for so Nokia's Quality Assurance team can verify them at the time of submission – i.e. for example loyalty points or prepayments for future releases will not be accepted. I suggest you to have a product category for example “ringtone” and all ringtones you are going to sell will be sold for one price under that category. If you need several price categories, split “ringtone” category on several ones : “midi ringtones” , “advanced ringtone”, etc.

    For selling downloadable virtual goods IAP subscription model, with use of third-party product resources server, suits well . You will have to implement subscription logic by yourself. For example in selling themes or ringtones you can have user to pay each time he or she try to buy or allow him to download any good for restricted period of time.

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    Re: Using IAP to sell themes and ringtones

    Hi there, izinin

    You got good and valid points there. Thank you for your notes and feedback. I will see to that this information is distributed to the person responsibles internally here.

    Best Regards,
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