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    Why My Listview is getting clipped

    Hello All,

    I am developing a auto complete text field, which takes input from the user makes http get request parses the responses and shows them in a listview .

    Now everything works good but somehow when i use this component with other components in place the listview gets clipped, can anybody give me idea of whats happening wrong there.

    If anyone is finding to understand what i want to say than please have a look at this screenshot.


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    Re: Why My Listview is getting clipped


    The Listview element had a clip property. Did you set it to true ?

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    Re: Why My Listview is getting clipped

    How about setting z value ?

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    Re: Why My Listview is getting clipped

    You have to set the listview clip property to true.
    If you do that, the list view items which should be not displayed are shown and they can cover other elements of your UI as it is shown in your picture.

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