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    "GPS" taking long time

    I have implemented the LBS method for getting GPS position.
    It takes much long time to fix position.
    what should be the solution?
    Does LBS method use A-GPS while getting gps fixed.

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    Re: "GPS" taking long time

    The initial positioning takes awhile, anyway, do make sure you have AGPS enable on settings and you have SIM card, network coverage and you do allow the AGPS to make network connection.

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    Re: "GPS" taking long time

    i have go through the following application.
    i am comparing my application with this.
    i don't know which method they have used.
    can u tell me if u know What method this application uses for getting gps fix?

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    Re: "GPS" taking long time

    Have you tried on the same device?
    To enable A-GPS, you need to start the OVI Maps application at least once and accept that you want to enable support for it.

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