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    Question QML/HTML5 Hybrid Boilerplate

    I'm used to create WRT apps but with Belle I would lose the drop-down menu or the multi-button-toolbar. I read somewhere that it's possible to influence a Qt app via JavaScript from within a QtWebkit instance.

    So couldn't someone create a boilerplate which enables the following points:
    • Creating toolbar-buttons via JS
    • Bind JS-Functions to those buttons
    • Change the displayed buttons
    • native equivalents to confirm(), alert() and prompt()

    An scene change would be animated within the QtWebkit instance like in an WRT app but be triggered from the native buttons.

    So who is willing to write the QtConnect.js library and the corresponding Qt functions?

    I would be very grateful.

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    Re: QML/HTML5 Hybrid Boilerplate


    Why don't you use Guarana UI library --- it has controls you need it is based on widely used JQuery library and it is supported by Nokia Web tools for Symbian / S40

    Hybrid application architecture uses QWebview container to display html content and interact with JScript in the content. It is outdated technology, around 2009, it is QWidget based application - it will look old fashion. If you want consistent look for your application --- check QML QComponents or again use Guarana -- at least you will get standard layouts and controls size for range of Nokia devices.

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