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    Angry Lumia 800 is a brick (US Developer)

    I have posted in another thread about my problems with my Lumia 800 developer gift but I figured starting a new thread might get someone's attention that could get me some help. Since I received my phone on January 26 I haven't been able to use it. Overnight charging won't work it just shuts down and won't power up once you unhook the charger. The phone won't turn on, it won't stay on when hooked to a USB port it just power cycles so you can't update the software. The charger was a charger for Europe(I understand why and I'm not really complaining, just fyi) so I have to use a mini usb charger for a different model cell phone. After 30 minutes you can get it to stay on while you browse the settings but resets are not working. I emailed Developer Device Program's email address on the 28th of January at the suggestion of a moderator. I received an acknowledgment email with a reference number, but that was it. I replied to that email 4 times asking for a status update but have received nothing. I emailed them again without using the reference number just to try to get some information but I've received nothing to date. I tried going to twitter and was given a link to a warranty check tool but since my phone is from europe the tool does not work. I can't go to a Nokia Care center since I'm in America and there are no Care Centers to go to for help. It has become obvious to me that whoever checks the email at DDP is either asleep at the wheel or has been bombarded with so many complaints about this phone has just run out of the building. Is there ANYONE on this discussion board that can help me reach a real live human being who can help me replace my phone? Any amount of help would be great.

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    Re: Lumia 800 is a brick (US Developer)

    I can, write directlly toi me. These devices were sent directly from the factory to the developers and never tested, but we will fix you up.


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