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    Application show "Java error" on Samsung phone

    Hi All,

    I am installing application .jad file on samsung duos phone it installed on the device but when going on Launch the application it show "java error" dialog and application exit.

    Same .jad file is installed on the nokia C2 device it not show any java error on launching.

    Please help in regarding this.


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    Re: Application show "Java error" on Samsung phone

    Samsung developer forums are here: http://developer.samsung.com/forum.do

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    Re: Application show "Java error" on Samsung phone

    The easiest way is to use just the JAR. If that fails, it might be your MANIFEST. Reduce it to a minimum. If that fails, use divide and conquer: Strip half your your code and try the rest. Strip half of the rest of your code and try this. … Until you get to a point where it works. Then add the portion you removed and divide and conquer within that.

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