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    my publisher id has been stolen , what to do ?

    ok will make it breif as i can , in short few days ago i tried to verfy my symbian account , when i tried i had a message to say my account was being used by another person , i emailed symbian signed who have given me the name (email address) of this "person" they told me to speak to TC about this , i did they dont seem to be helping and directed me here to this forum ,
    now i can think of only one way my publisher id could have been cloned i had my pc repair sometime back ,
    what are the rules? i cant use my account as i cant verfy it ,
    what are my options ?
    do i have to start again and revoke this publisher id ?
    TC dont seem to be helping

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    Re: my publisher id has been stolen , what to do ?

    Publisher ID is used exactly for the purpose that Symbian Signed itself does not have to deal with details about your identity. Practically they can not tell you and the thief apart. However if the certificate gets revoked that is something they can check and process. So I think you should have it revoked as soon as possible, and try to make it sure that Symbian Signed also knows about the revocation.
    Whether you get a replacement ID or not, that is up to TrustCenter (Symantec, Verisign, whoever they belong to now) check their documentation, although it is not too useful (http://www.trustcenter.de/en/revoke.htm does not say anything, and the link on the page does not work for me anyway)
    You may want to consider contacting the police too.

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    Re: my publisher id has been stolen , what to do ?

    saga continues , paid for new publisher exported pfx and generated my new cer/key , then signed the file symbian provides with my new publisher guess what ? SAME RESULT !!!! " this publisher id has been used to verify another account " , i have spoken to symbain signed and attached the signed file there reply was " no one else is linked to my publisher ID " they sugest trying to verify account again well i have several times with same result , i have asked symbian signed what i can do now , so far no reply they only seem to reply to 1 email a day this is taking forever to sort out , does anyone have any ida whats happening ? the problem must be there end on my account ?

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