I am facing a strange issue. I am trying to run this app on Symbian. The app starts fine, but when I click on any of the list item , i don't see the map. It just comes up with a black screen. The GPS symbol doesn't appear on the top bar of the device screen.

So for my confirmation I just run this code and got "NA" in place of latitude and longitude

Rectangle {
    id: page
    width: 350
    height: 350
    PositionSource {
    id: positionSource
    updateInterval: 5000

    active: true
    //nmeaSource: "nmealog.txt"
    Column {
    Text {text: "<==== PositionSource ====>"}
    Text {text: "positioningMethod: " + printableMethod(positionSource.positioningMethod)}
    Text {text: "nmeaSource: " + positionSource.nmeaSource}
    Text {text: "updateInterval: " + positionSource.updateInterval}
    Text {text: "active: " + positionSource.active}
    Text {text: "<==== Position ====>"}
    Text {text: "latitude: " + positionSource.position.coordinate.latitude}
    Text {text: "longitude: " + positionSource.position.coordinate.longitude}
    Text {text: "altitude: " + positionSource.position.coordinate.altitude}
    Text {text: "speed: " + positionSource.position.speed}
    Text {text: "timestamp: " + positionSource.position.timestamp}
    Text {text: "altitudeValid: " + positionSource.position.altitudeValid}
    Text {text: "longitudeValid: " + positionSource.position.longitudeValid}
    Text {text: "latitudeValid: " + positionSource.position.latitudeValid}
    Text {text: "speedValid: " + positionSource.position.speedValid}
    function printableMethod(method) {
    if (method == PositionSource.SatellitePositioningMethod)
    return "Satellite";
    else if (method == PositionSource.NoPositioningMethod)
    return "Not available"
    else if (method == PositionSource.NonSatellitePositioningMethod)
    return "Non-satellite"
    else if (method == PositionSource.AllPositioningMethods)
    return "All/multiple"
    return "source error";
Could anyone please put some light on it.