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    Set camera focus region or focal length


    The native N9 camera app supports manual focus (touch focus). Are there means to use manual focus in our own apps? I already checked the gstreamer videosrc code but there I could find only code for autofocusing.


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    Re: Set camera focus region or focal length

    It is not "manual focus" in the sense that the term is used -- the ability to set focus distance. It is autofocus where you can freely set the focus point.

    Not that this is a Qt forum, your question about gstreamer is obviously off topic.

    But in Qt you do this way:

    You get a pointer to the camera's fccus object (QCameraFocus *focus), set the focus mode (focus->setFocusPointMode(QCameraFocus::FocusPointCustom)) and set the focus point to where you wish.

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