When I try my application using the test server any time I try to purchase a product (after the first) I am presented with the login to the ovi store screen and then get a message saying that "no payment is needed" and my application gets the "purchase complete signal" like it was purchased for the first time. Exactly the behavior I would expect.

The exact same code (after I remove the test_mode.txt file and change the IAP_VARIANTID.txt to my product Id) just ignored that I had purchased the same product and presented all the screens like it was the first time - I ended up being charged for my application again

When I tried to check for upgradable products using the same account I get one as expected but when I try to restore it I get a RestorationNotSupported error.

Is this a BUG on the production server? Is it a delay before the product can be restored after being purchased the first time (even if shows as restorable)?

Thanks in advance