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    Question Should I upload the unsigned file or the signed file signed by the crt and key files?

    Should I upload the unsigned file or the signed file signed by the crt and key files Nokia sent to me?

    As in qt creator help, smart installer part
    Preparing Applications for Nokia Store or Symbian Signed
    Building Smart Installer Packages for Nokia Publish
    This gets an app_installer.sis.
    It uses the crt and key files nokia send to me. And in the end, it says
    Note: The above steps are sufficient if your application uses none of the following capability sets: AllFiles, DRM, TCB, CommDD, DiskAdmin, NetworkControl, MultimediaDD. If any of those capabilities if a must, first follow the instructions in Building Symbian Signed Smart Installer Packages to have the application Symbian Signed and then create the wrapper .sis package using the developer certificate provided by Nokia Store (as instructed above).
    However, in the forum
    Preparing Content for Nokia Signing using Qt Creator/Carbide.ui Symbian Theme Edition

    Preparing Qt Content for Nokia Signing using Qt Creator
    This gets an app_installer_unsigned.sis.
    It suggests that I should upload an unsigned file.

    So the question is, why they are different and which method should I use?
    Thank you.

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    Re: Should I upload the unsigned file or the signed file signed by the crt and key fi

    Step 6 in your last link seems to contain the revealing remark:
    6. (Optional: Nokia Signing accepts both unsigned .sis files and signed .sis with the developer certificate.)[...]
    So this might be why some descriptions say you should send unsigned (like Distribute above, Packaging and signing and the first link from the Qt site), and some others say you should send signed package (like the second link from the Qt side, which is actually the immediate "next" page to the first link).

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